Go to School

Choosing to continue your education is an important step in making sure you have the skills employers want. In 2013, nearly 75% of jobs required at least a high school education, and this trend is expected to continue. Whether you still need to complete high school, or you’re ready to enter career training or a college program, the FWDB youth team can answer questions and provide services that help you take that next important step.

Earning Your High School Diploma

If you’re still in high school, stay there! The FWDB Youth team has opportunities for in-school youth that build your skills and support your efforts to finish high school. Through work experience opportunities, summer youth programs, and year round supportive services, we build on each success to help you get your diploma and set new goals to attend career training programs, find a job, or go on to college.

Youth without a high school diploma face higher unemployment rates and lower wages when they do find jobs. If you’re an out-of-school youth who did not graduate, returning to obtain your high school equivalency diploma may sound difficult, but the FWDB youth team can help you work through this decision and find the right program to help you achieve this goal.

Specialized Training and College Programs

If you’ve completed high school, finding a good job with room for growth and higher wages may require that you further your education through specialized training programs that offer certifications or credentials. Or, it may mean returning to a 2-year or 4-year college program. Based on your career goals you may need a few months of training, some college courses, or even a college degree. The FWDB youth team has connections to local education providers and training programs that can help you meet your goals. For young people that qualify, funds may be available to help you get the training you need.


Learn more about how you can go to school and get the skills you need using the resources below.

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