On-Site Interviews and Screening

The FWDB Business Service Unit can host your position recruitments at no charge to your organization. On-site recruitments give you all the benefits of a spacious office, conference room and workforce development staff support. Located at 1207 East Green Street in Pasadena, FWDB is open to all employers who would like to recruit and/or interview job seekers.

The FWDB Business Service Unit specializes in coordinating special recruitment events targeted to a specialized group of industries, employers and job seekers with industry specific skill sets. The opportunity for employment is increased as a result of this industry-focused approach. FWDB provides outstanding results while saving employers money. To get started, call us at (626) 304-8903 or email

Business Services

Find the talent you need.

We know when your business has access to a qualified, employable workforce, you are able to compete successfully and contribute to a strong economy in our region. We make investments in services for businesses that help you use labor market data effectively, access tax credits or wage subsidies, and fill skill gaps with the right talent for your job openings. Learn more »

Job Seeker Services

Get a job. Get training. Update your skills.

Fine tune your job search skills and get the information you need to make informed decisions about potential careers or updating your education or credentials. Our services provide job seekers with the support or training they need to become career-ready and get to work. Learn more »


Investments in our Community.

We are committed to building a strong economy in our region and increasing local employment. A network of talented community partners in workforce development, education and labor supports our efforts to ensure that businesses have access to qualified, employable talent, and job seekers have the updated skills they need to be successful. About Us »

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