Layoff Aversion

The Foothill Workforce Development Board offers solutions to help companies avoid laying off employees in times of economic downturn or business hardship.

Work Sharing

Work Sharing is a program available to businesses that reduce employee hours and wages as an alternative to layoffs. This program allows the payment of a percentage of Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits to employees whose hours and wages are reduced. Any employer who has a reduction in production, services, or other conditions should consider the Work Sharing program for their employees as an alternative to layoffs.

Temporary Furloughs

Temporary Furloughs are another alternative to layoffs, where business owners allow an employee to work on a regular basis, although at a reduced schedule. If financial challenges are expected to be temporary, furloughs allow businesses to keep valued employees on payroll rather than laying them off and hiring new workers when financial circumstances improve.

Rapid Response Teams

The Foothill Workforce Development Board understands that under some circumstances, a layoff is unavoidable. We are equipped to help companies deal with the effects of layoffs and closures through the Rapid Response Program, which provides immediate assistance to companies and their affected employees.

The Rapid Response Program offers transition services to employees, including:

  • Assistance with accessing Unemployment Insurance
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Trade Adjustment Assistance (when required, if jobs are eliminated due to foreign trade)
  • Other transitional services that support employees

Companies who provide Rapid Response services to employees during a layoff experience these positive outcomes:

  • Sustained productivity and morale because workers are able to see how those affected are being assisted
  • Reduced unemployment insurance costs because affected workers can take steps to become reemployed more quickly
  • Reduced incidence of damages to company’s physical or intellectual property
  • Improved public and/or media relations because of demonstrated efforts to assist impacted workers

The California Employment Development Department (EDD) funds Rapid Response teams through the state to assist businesses and workers during layoffs and plant closures. Companies with more than 75 full time employees must notify the state in writing under California's Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act. FWDB’s Rapid Response Team is comprised of representatives from the California Employment Development Department (EDD) Unemployment and Job Service Divisions; the Department of Labor; the Workforce Development Board; and other agencies as required to meet the needs of the employees in transition. If your company is facing an unavoidable downsizing or layoff, please contact us right away so we can mobilize our team to help you comply with regulations, take advantage of available resources and manage employee expectations.