Business Services Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Foothill Employment and Training Connection One Stop Career Center

Phone Number: (626) 796-5627
Fax Number: (626) 584-8375
E-mail Address:
Hours of Operation: Mon.- Fri. 8 am - 5 pm
Web Site Address:
Business Services Representatives, Phone Numbers and Email Addresses:
Joumana Barakat | (626) 584-8387 |
Julie McElrath | (626) 796-5627 |
Parking Availability: Free Parking is Available at Site
Public Transit Access: The closest Bus Stop is within 0 blocks
UI Filing Assistance by Phone Available: Yes
UI Filing Assistance Online Available: Yes
Career Resource Room: Yes
Rooms where employers can interview job seekers: Yes
Telephones: Yes
Fax Machines: Yes
Copy Machine: Yes
Personal Computers: Yes
Internet Access: Yes
Video Viewing Stations: Yes
Employer Specific Resource Room: Yes

The following are frequently asked questions by many customers who are interested in finding out more about FWDB/FETC programs.

What specific services are available to businesses through the FWDB programs?

  • Business seminars that are focused on “up-to-the-hour” topics crucial to small business sustainability.
  • Free business consulting on important topics such as marketing, technology, labor market, business tax, etc.
  • Annual economic summits that bring resources and knowledge to business along with networking opportunities.
  • A database of pre-screened qualified professional potential hires.
  • Cash and tax incentives to support businesses that hire and train our job seekers.
  • Access to targeted groups of jobseekers such as veterans.
  • Access to customized labor market information that provides occupational wage information, industry growth projections, and labor force information that assists business in planning and recruitment of employees.
  • Recruiting, screening and referring numerous job seekers ranging from entry level workers to highly skilled professionals.
  • Hosting targeted job fairs and providing office space for on-site screening and interviewing.
  • Supporting employee retention by offering services such as assistance with transportation, childcare assistance, work-place mentoring and case management.
  • Access to vocational training and industry-recognized certificated training programs.
  • Easing the transition from point of layoff notification to shut down and transitioning affected workers into services and employment.

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What is the cost for services and/or job applicant referrals?

There are no fees associated with our services and/or job applicant referrals.

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Where are these services located?

FWDB Business and Job Seeker Services are made available through the Foothill Employment and Training Connection One Stop Career Center located at 1207 East Green St., Pasadena, CA 91106 (626) 796-5627

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Does FWDB have professional and trained job seekers available for hire and if so, how are they referred to our company?

The FWDB provides services to a vast pool of job ready applicants. Over the last few years, the face of the unemployed in Los Angeles County has changed.  With multiple company closures and other recession related consequences, job seekers from all industry sectors, education and experience levels have come to FWDB for assistance in finding employment.  If you have an open position and would like access to eligible applicants, please contact FWDB Business Liaison, Julie McElrath at (626) 796-5627 or by email at

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Does FWDB screen job seekers and conduct background investigations before referring them to an employer?

The FWDB assess each one of their job seekers to identify skill sets, interests, work values, and personal priorities as they relate to employment. FWDB utilizes formal instruments including aptitude and ability, interest inventories, career development assessments, and personality style inventories.  FWDB also utilizes an informal assessment process by gathering information from observations, reports from instructors and supervisors, school and work records, personal interviews, and websites such as Career Information System (CIS), My Next Move, ONET, TORQ Skills Match and Monster.Com Military Employment Center.   FWDB does not pay for Live Scans or other similar background checks.

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What is the On-the-Job Training (OJT) Cash Subsidy?

OJT provides reimbursements to employers to help compensate for the costs associated with skills upgrade training and loss of production for newly hired employees. OJT training can assist employers who are looking to expand their businesses and who need additional staff trained with specialized skills. OJT employers may receive up to 50% of the wage rate of OJT trainees to help defray personnel training costs.

As the OJT employer, your company will determine the selection criteria for the OJT trainees. FWDB will identify those who meet the program eligibility criteria.  Your company will decide the final selection of OJT trainees.

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Is the FWDB connected to the Chamber of Commerce?

The FWDB is a member of 6 local chambers of commerce.  This partnership is important because it is one of the multiple approaches used to determine the business needs in both, the local and regional area served by FWDB.

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Who are some of the other FWDB Business Partners?

Pacific Coast Regional SBDC, Morgan Stanley and America West Bank, Sheraton Hotel, M&R Professional Services, Kaiser Permanente, Miyachi Unitek Corporation, the Gas Company, Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, United Domestic Workers of America,  CIBA Real Estate, Pacific Clinics, Teamsters Local Union No. 396, Frontier Trail Inc., Methodist Hospital, U.S. Small Business Association,  Los Angeles Regional Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Network and several municipal local economic development departments.

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Where can I go to get information on the economic outlook of this area?

The FWDB’s strategies used to determine the business needs in the local and regional area include (but are not limited to) business surveys, focus groups, stakeholder meetings, workforce skills analysis and requirements, wage and benefit surveys, workforce intelligence reports, and job profile databases.  FWDB reviews and interprets the results from the conducted research, identifying the needs of business, and using the information to develop or revise goals and objectives.   If are interested in access to this information, please contact FWDB Business Liaison, Joumana “JB” Barakat at (626) 584-8387.

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If my company is experiencing a layoff, what assistance can FWDB provide?

Rapid re-employment services and activities are early intervention services designed to enable workers affected by closures or layoffs, to transition to new employment as quickly as possible. Once a notice is received, the FWDB will contact the business within 48 hours to establish a planning meeting for assistance.  The FWDB will coordinate the meeting and outreach partners that will attend the meeting and assist in providing services to the affected workers. The goal of these services is too quickly and efficiently transition affected workers to the FWDB for the full-service package.

FWDB and its partner agencies can provide the following rapid re-employment services and activities for the affected employees:

  • Staff-assisted workshops
  • Crisis counseling/ stress/change management, including stress management related to job loss
  • Financial planning assistance, including financial management and debt management
  • Job search assistance
  • Labor market and career information
  • Résumé and application preparation
  • WIA services core and intensive services
  • Vocational Training

If you anticipate you may need to conduct a layoff, please contact FWDB Business Liaison, Julie McElrath at (626) 796-5627 or by email at for information and assistance.

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