Los Angeles Regional Planning Unit Draft Regional Plan

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (“WIOA”) mandates regional workforce planning as does the State of California. The Los Angeles Basin regional workforce plan (the “Plan”) covers the entire County including its seven local Workforce Development Boards, eighty-eight cities and unincorporated areas stretching from the ocean to the Mojave Desert. The Plan’s purpose is to:

  • Identify critical business sectors and specific entry and mid-level jobs in each sector where there is a high demand for workers and skill gaps among current and potential job applicants;
  • Create new and improved “career pathways” leading to these jobs which are more accessible to individuals who have major barriers to employment, particularly non-English speakers (a clearer and enhanced “pathway to the middle-class”); and,
  • Align the efforts of educational and workforce agencies County-wide to achieve better results.

 Based upon the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation's (LAEDC) research and substantial community input, the priority sectors are:

1) advanced manufacturing – including “bio-tech”

2) construction

3) information and communications technology including the entertainment and recording industry

4) healthcare

5) hospitality and tourism

6) transportation and logistics

The regional workforce planning process began in September, 2016. Nineteen highly interactive public forums - in which over five hundred stakeholders participated - were held throughout the length and breadth of Los Angeles County. In addition, there were individual meetings with staff from each of the seven Workforce Development Boards, with organized labor representatives, with adult education providers and their consortia, with business leaders and local elected officials, with community-based nonprofit organizations and with economic development agencies. The planning work was further informed by the identification of “best practices” throughout the County which could be expanded and replicated.

The Draft Regional Plan is open for public comments through March 2, 2017.

Persons wishing to make public comments may e-mail their comments to

Links to the Draft Regional Plan can be found below:

LA RPU Draft Regional Plan
Exhibit 1 - Community College Strong Workforce Program Plan

Exhibit 2 - Adult Education Block Grant Consortium
Attachment I a - People, Industry, and Jobs
Attachment I b - LAEDC Data Supplement
Attachment I c - LA Basin RPU Summary CA EDD
Attachment I d - LA Regional Economic Market Analysis
Attachment II a - LA RPU List of Public Forums Held
Attachment II b - List of Individuals and Organizations Invited to Forums
Attachment II c - List of Individuals and Organizations Attending Forums
Attachment II d - Disconnected Youth Recommendations Summary

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